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Andrew Nadon has a variety of different acts up his sleeve. The only question is, which one will suit your event? From corporate holiday and children's birthday parties to state fairs he always boggles the mind in the most impossible of all possible ways! 

Check out the material:

~An Exhibition of Mind Reading
Feats of mental ability for any occasion.
~The Children's Party 
Magic for birthdays and celebrations that all can enjoy.
~Discover Your Intuition 
The mental strengths of the audience are showcased.
~What Will a Man Eat?
A suspenseful meal with three dangerous courses. Step aside folks. Andrew is ravenous!
~A Mock Seance
A recitation of The Cremation of Sam McGee where the spirit of what Robert Service created comes alive.

Andrew's acts are modular and can be mixed to create the perfect atmosphere for the occasion!

entertainment Magic and Mindreading in Juneau Magic and Mindreading in Haines



Andrew Nadon has a BA in musical theatre from Weber State University and has been involved in the performing arts across the country for the past 20 years. He is especially excited to be sharing his theatre of the mind with you! For three seasons he has been the resident mentalist/magician at The Westmark Hotel in Skagway, Alaska and simultaneously performs as a historical guide who reads minds on the White Pass & Yukon Route Railway. He also opens for The Days of '98 Show where he reads minds and recites his renditions of Robert Service’s gold rush poetry. This year he presented four different shows for the Southeast Alaska State fair. Presentations of his differing acts have been seen at The Egyptian Theatre Company in Park City, Stein Eriksen Lodge in Deer Valley, Solitude Resort, The Soul Lounge, Secret Party SLC, The Utah Children's Theatre, The Ed Kenley Amphitheater for the Defend the Arts Fundraiser, The Ziegfeld Theatre in Ogden, Weller Book Works, Tracy Aviary, and The Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival. 



To check availability for bookings please inquire by phone (240) 475-4045 or by email


Andrew's promo for The Utah Chidren's Theatre's production of The Magic Show.


The Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival.

Future Goals

"Nothing is permanent in this wicked world-not even our troubles." Charlie Chaplin

The arts mean a tremendous deal to Andrew. They give us not only an escape from the world we live in but a different perspective of it. 

He wants to keep them alive and since they are losing so much funding his goal is to bring some of it back. The plan is to help middle schools and high schools in Alaska raise funds for their arts departments.

If you can help get the ball rolling please contact him. 

Great thanks!



“Fantastic fun for EVERYONE!”

I recently had Andrew Nadon do a mentalism show for a private party that I hosted at my home. Andrew captured everyone's attention and had us all wide-eyed in disbelief after time and again he managed to blow our minds. What I really appreciated about his style, apart from the fact that his stunts were very impressive, was that he was so engagingly funny. He was very comfortable and prepared, which allowed everyone else to settle in and feel completely at ease with him and his witty banter.

I would highly recommend Andrew Nadon: aLittleMentalist as entertainment for any function. His act was captivating, and his style was endearing. I can't wait to see him in action again soon!

  • Reviewer: Gamyr Worf, Owner-Empowering Freedom Solutions, Inc.

“aLittleMentalist will make ANY PARTY BETTER!”

Weller Book Works is about to have Mr. Nadon perform for us for the 3RD TIME! We love his act. It's professional, unbelievable, and, most importantly, a heck of a lot of fun. His act is impeccable, always leaving the audience speechless. His report with the crowd is smooth and savvy. And he knows how to have a good time, and how to give his audience one. We are definitely looking forward to his next performance here. We'd recommend him to anyone.

  • Reviewer: Lane Richins, Event Coordinator-Weller Book Works

“Beyond Ordinary”

Andrew has the heart of a lion. To often then not I get bored with magic, mentalism because you can't tell if the performer cares about what they do. Andrew is not only passionate and engaging with the audience but brilliant with the simplest tricks which become even bigger then themselves. He's elevating his craft and all around him. More then magic.

  • Reviewer: Pablo Blaqk, Owner/Creator-Soul Lounge SLC

“A Sight To Behold From Beyond”

I expect a lot from my magic shows and these days I am mostly underwhelmed but Mr Nadon gave me everything I wanted and more. Fantastic stage presence and audience interaction left me extremely satisfied and head scratchingly perplexed at his take on pulling the wool over my eyes with his ghostly seance. I loved the positive attitude and nature of the performance, which I would certainly shout from the roof tops!!!

  • Reviewer: Brian Higgins, Owner-Create Reel Change

“A Wonderful Show”

Andrew put on a wonderful show! We had him do multiple shows throughout our summer season here at the Westmark Inn in Skagway, Alaska and every one went over really well! We had a consistent mix of people in the crowd from young people that live here in town & older people that were staying in the hotel on vacation.

He consistently brought new acts to the show, kept the audience involved and always kept it fun.

I hope he comes back again soon so I can bring him back for more shows!

He will not let you down if you are thinking of hiring him for a show!

  • Reviewer: Dan Zieman, Manager-Westmark Hotel

“Not your average magician!”

It was so great to have Andrew involved with our event. He is an amazing performer and entertained a bunch of adults who were absolutely thrilled with him (not an easy task). He's not your average magician, I would recommend him to entertain people of all ages!

  • Reviewer: Baya Voce, Host-Secret SLC

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